Our friends at Tatami sell our tatami mats in the USA.

茶ぶ台 Chabudai (Japanese dining tables ) 

Chabudais were common and standard dining furniture for Japanese homes from around the turn of the century to about the late 60s.  They were the precursors to the ubiquitous kotatsu, low tables with a heating element under it, now found in most modern Japanese homes. 

Chabudais have folding legs which allow the tables to be folded up and stored away, leaving the tatami room recently used as a dining room empty for a different role and function.


Custom Made Chabudai (Made in Canada)

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chabudai_xl2.jpg chabudai_3.jpg chabudai_4.jpg


 Prices for 100% Bamboo Chabudai 日本製 [shown above is the 80cm]
  750r.jpg 800.jpg 750s.jpg





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