Tatami Mats


Don't worry. It's Made In Japan.

Tatami Imports is pleased to introduce a great idea to flooring solutions-TATAMI MATS. These floor mats exude warmth, softness, and a scent of grass fields to any room in the house.

Tatami mats have been around for centuries evolving from the simple grass mats commonly found in Asia. Our product range includes the typical and traditional mats, filled with wara or rice straws and covered with igusa or the rush mat, to the more modern but still all-natural and environmentally- responsible compressed fibre board, covered with a new and unique type of washable and durable Japanese paper.

We offer more than 190 different choices of tatami mats with eight different types of edge borders and twelve different coverings.

tatami_6.jpg tatami_5.jpg tatami_4.jpg tatami_3.jpg tatami_2.jpg

Doko (inside the tatami)

Tatami Imports is committed to bringing you the best natural tatami mats made in Japan. Our commitment to the environment means that we do not sell any tatami mats manufactured with "non-natural" materials like insulation foam. We carry two types of tatami mats, one filled with the traditional rice straws, and the other filled with compressed fibre board. As with all natural products, the choice of either one comes down to personal preference as both offer long lasting service while the quality craftsmanship of the product will give you pride in ownership.


Rice straw


Compressed board

Omote (top layer or covering)

Our selection of all-natural igusa (rush reed mat) or specialized paper coverings (DKs, DN) reflect our goal to offering a wide range of choice currently available only in Japan. There are three grades of igusa, standard, mid-range and high range, differentiated by the colour and quality consistency of the weave. We even carry funky blue denim for the teenager. Please note that the DKs and DN omote are custom order only as our entire stock consists mainly of the natural and traditional igusa omote.

IG01s.jpg DK02s.jpg DK03s.jpg
Igusa DK02 DK03
DK04s.jpg DK05s.jpg DK06s.jpg
DK04 DK05 DK06
DK07s.jpg DK08s.jpg DK01s.jpg
DK07 DK08 DK01
Fuchi (edge border)

We carry a very typical line of traditional edge borders popular in Japanese homes. We have 8 borders to choose from and will be adding more as our North American tastes demand.

EG01s.jpg EG02s.jpg EG03s.jpg EG04s.jpg
EG01 EG02 EG03 EG04
EG05s.jpg EG06s.jpg EG07s.jpg EG08s.jpg
EG05 EG06 EG07 EG08
Layout of Tatami Mats

There are no standard ways to layout tatami mats. While most homes in Japan will employ some perpendicular placement, it is more a matter of personal or cultural aesthetics than convention.

See tatami layouts

Prices (All prices in Canadian dollars)

Our competitive prices demonstrate our major commitment and goal to introduce good quality tatami mats into every household in North America. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and does not include freight or taxes.

Prices are based on the Honma format dimensions, which is approximately 190 cm length by 95 cm wide by 5.5 cm thick. The half sizes are 95 cm by 95 cm by 5.5 cm thick. However, we do stock some Chukenma format sizes which is approximately 180 cm length by 90 cm wide by 5.5 cm thick.

<SizeStd.jpg SizeHlf.jpg
Full Size Half Size
Omote (Covering) Full Size Half Size
Igusa (Traditional rush covering)
Standard range C$485 C$360
Mid range C$550 C$412
High range C$600 C$450
DK1-9 (special Japanese paper) C$650 C$487
Denim N/A N/A

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