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Don't worry. It's Made In Japan.

Tatami Mats

Our traditional tatami mats are made with the finest care to detail and quality. We offer more than 190 different choices of tatami mats with eight different types of edge borders and twelve different coverings.

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Zaisu 座椅子

Comfortable legless chairs that are light and easily stored away. Modern alternative to sitting on tatami mats. Made in Japan.

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Chabudai 卓袱台 chabudai.jpg
Traditional all-purpose table for the tatami room. The legs fold away so it can be easily stored away.

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Shikibuton 敷き布団 Trad Shikibuton_2_New.jpg Scissors / Shears
Comfortable and foldable futon mattress perfect for sleeping. No more than 15-20 lbs, light enough to easily store away every morning.

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Japanese razor sharp shears for use in the garden, or ikebana or bonsai hobbies.

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Shichirin 七輪
Traditional Japanese charcoal stoves that are highly portable for camp, outdoor and emergency use.

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Japanese Saws / Nokogiri
CS-17.jpg Natural Incense お香
Incense 2.jpg
Japanese carpentry saws are renown for accuracy, sharpness and versatility. They cut on the pull stroke, have very thin blades and produce less sawdust than their western style saws.

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All natural incense made with the same traditions for over 400 years. With regular use, your room and home will carry a rich sweet scent that is not artificial in nature and does not pollute the air with artificial chemicals.

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Bath Washcloth
2014-01-04 12.49.29.jpg Zori 草履
2014-01-04 12.48.07.jpg
If your shower routine is not to simply soap and rinse, these Japanese washcloths will help scrub away stubborn oil and dirt leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

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These Japanese slippers are perfect for walking on cold tile floors. It feels like a gentle massage walking in them. They are handmade using silk material incorporating typical Japanese patterns.

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Japanese Sliding Doors / Shoji 障子

shoji std.jpg Mitsubishi Solar Panels
Traditional translucent sliding doors are as typical of the traditional Japanese home as the tatami mats. We carry 3 different versions so far.

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We carry only the Made In Japan Mitsubishi Diamond Premium MLE280W Solar Panels. The entire panels are made in Mitsubishi's own factory in Japan.

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