Zaisu Chairs (legless chairs for the tatami room )

Comfortable for those unfamiliar with the formal Japanese style of sitting ie seiza-legs folded under with bottom of feet facing up, these chairs allow those uncomfortable with sitting on the floor to just plain relax. They are built sturdy and strong.

We offer a range of different zaisu-please visit our showroom to view them all.

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Non-foldable Fixed Back Zaisu

This zaisu does not fold! It weighs 3.5kg or 6.5 lbs. The back is 38.5 cm high and the seat is 51cm by 40cm deep. The top of the seat is 12cm from the ground. This item is Made in Canada.

$ Custom Order Only

Foldable Zaisu - Cloth Cover

The seat is made of cloth. It weights 3kg. The back is 46cm high
and the seat area is 44cm by 51cm. Made in Japan.


Foldable Zaisu - Wooden Backrest

The seat folds and has a wooden backrest. It weighs 3kg.
The back is 46 cm high and the seat area is 44cm by 51cm.


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