Zaisu Chairs (legless chairs for the tatami room )

Comfortable for those unfamiliar with the formal Japanese style of sitting ie seiza-legs folded under with bottom of feet facing up, these chairs allow those uncomfortable with sitting on the floor to just plain relax. They are built sturdy and strong.

We offer a range of different zaisu-please visit our showroom to view them all.

Yamazaki Foldable Zaisu

Very comfortable foam based modern zaisu. Yamazaki zaisus are suitable in both tatami mat rooms and hardwood floor rooms.They fold flat and help provide back support. Made in Japan.

$ 140 CAD

Yamazaki Foldable Zaisu - Medium & Large

Extremely comfortable foam based modern zaisu. Appropriate in both tatami rooms and hardwood floor settings, these high back zaisus can fold to different back angles so your back can stretch if sitting on these for extended periods. Made in Japan.

CAD $ 195 - Medium

CAD $ 230 - Large

Non-foldable Zaisu - Wooden Backrest

Traditional zaisu recommended for tatami mat rooms only. It measures 54 cm (21.25") wide by 56 cm (22") deep by 34 cm (13.5") tall at the back and weighs 6 lbs. Made in Toronto, Canada from native Canadian hardwood.

CAD $ Please call. Custom Orders Only

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