Japanese Sliding Doors / Shoji 障子

Our Japanese sliding doors are essentially translucent partitioning doors made entirely of spruce wood [no metal whatsoever] and slides on grooves cut into the wooden frame. They are easily removed by lifting and angling them off their groove. By letting in light, these interior doors give off a beautiful silhouette during the day time. Our shoji screens are based on the most common sizes found in Tokyo 91.5cm by 199cm. While we do not offer any installation services, a competent carpenter should be able to construct the sliding grooves. We can provide the standard grooves measurement for construction. We shall be adding to our lines of shoji soon!


Shoji with narrow lattices

Made In Japan 日本製

C$600 + taxes (updated April 2021)


Shoji with toe-kick

Made in Japan 日本製

C$630 + taxes (updated April 2021)


Shoji Standard

Made In Japan 日本製

C$560 + taxes (updated April 2021)


Shoji w/Sliding Bottom Window

Pane is Vinyl

Made In Japan 日本製

C$860 + taxes (updated April 2021)


Closet Room Door

Made In Japan 日本製

C$575 + taxes (updated April 2021)