Japanese Sliding Doors / Shoji 障子

Our Japanese sliding doors are essentially translucent partitioning doors made entirely of spruce wood [no metal whatsoever] and slides on grooves cut into the wooden frame. They are easily removed by lifting and angling them off their groove. By letting in light, these interior doors give off a beautiful silhouette during the day time. Our shoji screens are based on the most common sizes found in Tokyo 91.5cm by 199cm. While we do not offer any installation services, a competent carpenter should be able to construct the sliding grooves. We can provide the standard grooves measurement for construction.

Update 1 30Oct2022: We have a set of fusuma in stock as well - $570 each door

Update 2 30Oct2022: We have a set of Yukimi Shoji in stock as well - $860 each door. These shojis have a lower portion that slides up and door to let sunshine in at an angle.

shoji narrow.jpg

Shoji with narrow lattices

Made In Japan 日本製

C$600 + taxes (updated 30Oct2022)

shoji w base.jpg

Shoji with toe Kick

Made in Japan 日本製

C$630 + taxes (updated 30Oct2022)

shoji std.jpg

Shoji Standard

Made In Japan 日本製

C$560 + taxes (updated 30Oct2022)