Shikibuton ( Japanese foldable futons )

Shikibutons are commonly folded and stored away in a closet every morning, along with any pillows and blankets. They are generally light and found in most tatami mat rooms. Comfortable to sleep on, great for
the back and a convenient way to host an unexpected guest.

Due to their cotton fill, they cannot be soaked or washed in a laundry machine. The only way to maintain these shikibutons is to hang them out in the hot sun and let the heat of the sun puff up the cotton and its UV light kill the small mites that may reside on the shikibuton. Over time, these shikibutons will compress due to regular use, so diligent maintenance is crucial to its longevity.

To see why the shikibutons maintain their shape after repeated use, please click on the link below.

How Japanese shikibutons are made.

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Our shikibutons are filled entirely with soft white cotton fluff and are Made In Japan 日本製. Currently, we stock two sizes of futons:

Single Futon Cdn $415 + applicable tax [Price change coming June 2023]
Dimensions 105cm by 200cm weighing 3kg
Folded 37 in. by 24 in. by 11 in.

Double Futon Cdn $500 + applicable tax [Price change coming June 2023]
Dimensions 140cm by 210cm weighing 7.5 kg
Folded 30cm by 90cm by 65cm

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