Japanese Carpentry Saws / Nokogiri

We carry a range of regular and professional grade saws including Dozuki, Ryoba and Kugihikii saws.  These saws are super sharp and cut only on the pull stroke.  Their blades or kerf are thinner than western-style saws.

Dozuki saws are backsaws that have a stiffening strip attached.       

Kugihiki  saws are Japanese flush cutting saws used for cutting off dowel heads.

Ryoba saws have 2 blades and are multi-purpose saws. One blade is usually a ripping blade and the other is a cross-cutting blade.

Kataba saws are single sided saws without the stiffening strip attached.  They are general purpose saws.       


   Item# CS-14 Dozuki Saw 240mm                                                         

   Professional Quality

   Made In Japan 日本製

   C$90 + taxes


  Item# CS-16 Kugihiki Saw 180mm

  Professional Quality

  Made in Japan 日本製

  C$54 + taxes


  Item# CS-17 Ryoba Saw 240 mm      

  Professional Quality.  Replaceable blade.

  Made In Japan 日本製

  C$77.50 + taxes


  Item# CS-18 Ryoba Proonly Brand Saw 240mm

  Cross & Rip cut

  Made In Japan 日本製

  C$72.50 + taxes


  Item# CS-26 Ryoba Mini Saw 130mm blade

  With wood handle

  Made In Japan 日本製

  C$100 + taxes


  Item# CS-27 Senbonsakura Kataba Saw 60mm

  Straight & Rip Cut w/ wood inlay

  Made In Japan  日本製

  C$56.50 + taxes


   Item# CS-29 Senbonsakura Kataba Saw 60mm

  Curved Blade. Cross Cut.

  Made In Japan 日本製

  C$60 + taxes


 Item# CS-30 Senbonsakura Kataba Saw 120mm

  Straight & Cross Cut

  Made In Japan 日本製

  C$56 + taxes

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