Mitsubishi Solar Panels Diamond Premium Series

        Monocrystalline 280W - Made In Japan


             We are now pleased to offer Mitsubishi's Diamond Premium Solar Panels in Canada.  These panels are
             Made In Japan to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.  All Mitsubishi Electric
              Modules have a 25-year power output warranty and are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory.
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              Mitsubishi Diamond Premium Solar Panels


              CAD$430 per panel Model MLE Series (280W) - Monocrystalline


          CAD $455 Steca Tarom 4545 PWM Charge Controller [Made in Germany]

          What else do you need to begin your off-grid adventure?
          We recommend a good Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries that are at least 100 Amp Hours
          AND a 1000 watt pure-sine inverter at the least.  You are now ready for most emergencies.
          Once you begin and become accustomed to solar energy, you WILL want to expand and look
          forward to the day you will become completely self-sufficient and finally cut the cord that matters
          ...the energy grid.

               Why Solar Power?
            Solar panels dot the Japanese landscape.  It is the first thing a visitor notice when flying
            into Japan, a nation which has seen numerous natural disasters in its history.  In the event
           of a natural disaster, when public utilities and infrastructure fails,  the sun will still rise for a
           new day.  The faster power is restored or maintained, the faster lives can rebuild and move on.
           When connected to charge a set of deep cycle batteries, enough power can be stored to
           provide basic necessities.  Running a small fridge, or an electric stove, a few of these panels
           will be more than enough to keep batteries fully charged for a long time.  Gas generators
           cannot be run indoors, and the gasoline will eventually run out, but so long as the Sun shines,
           your batteries will charge with these high efficiency and well built solar panels from Mitsubishi.

           How much are you willing to spend for peace of mind?

           Strong thunderstorms knock out power to sump pump...just when you need it working the most
           Most other back up systems will at most give you an hour, but a battery back-up charged
           constantly with reliable solar panels will ensure you have a resupply of power even if public
           infrastructure takes days to recover.  Even a small flood in the basement will cost thousands
           to mitigate.

           Why Mitsubishi Solar Panels?
Mitsubishi has always been at the forefront of solar power research and development.  In 2015,
           they successfully transmitted energy wirelessly.  They continue to be the leading company for
           Space satellite projects in Japan, which includes their advantage in highly efficient solar panel
           technology. Don't waste expensive labor costs to install just any solar panels.
           Choose Mitsubishi.